Welcome to Rebel Ranch

We are a small in-home hobby breeder raising Poms on 4+ acres in the country. They have doggy doors and large fenced-in yards to run and play. They live in our home as part of our family. They are not caged or crated. They are loved and pampered and given the best of care, including awesome vets. We are non-smoking. We worm, vaccinate and treat regularly against fleas and ticks.


So far, two of our dogs have been certified to be therapy dogs, one in training to be a medical alert dog, and one going in training for agility classes. Our dogs are bred for conformation, disposition, and intelligence, as well as beautiful faces. We do reserve the right to not sell to someone if we feel it is in the best interest of the puppies to find them a better fit for a home.


Their happiness and well-being are my first priority, above all else. I want lifelong happy loving homes for my puppies. They are not JUST A DOG. They have feelings, too. They are loyal without exception and deserve only the best treatment. If you can offer them a home where they will be safe and loved for their lifetime, then contact me. If you aren't willing to make a home for them for their lifetime, then please feel free to shop somewhere else. My babies are my life and my passion.


At any time, if you are unable to keep one of my puppies/dogs, you can return them to me, and I will find them a new home. No $ refunded, but they will get a good home if brought back to me.

Any questions, email, text, or call me. LLPNGJN@aol.com 608-432-2181